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Cordless Blinds - Cordless 2 Paints and Stains Wood Blinds | Steve's Exclusive Collection

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Steve's Exclusive Collection Cordless Blinds Wood Blinds 2 inch Paints and Stains are ideal for any window or door size. Cordless basswood wood blinds are extremely stable yet light weight so blinds are easier to raise. Steve's cordless real wood blinds show off fine wood grain with a stain or choose painted finish to match walls or moldings. Cordless wood blinds have no hanging cords, simply pull blinds up or down to open and close, an excellent option for homes with children and pets. Steve's cordless wood blinds are custom made to your exact window or door size complete the look of your blinds with a crown valance. For additional options that are not cordless please visit Steve's Exclusive Wood Blinds.

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  1. The minimum width for "Lifting System - Cordless" is 19 7/8"
Please change your measurements or call 1-800-548-5711 for pricing assistance.

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The minimum width for "Lifting System - Cordless" is 19 7/8"

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