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How to Buy Blinds & Shades | Steve's Blinds

How to Buy Blinds & Shades

Choosing the right window covering can be a daunting task.

With cellular shades, roman shades, vertical blinds and mini blinds, where do you start? Here at Steve’s Blinds & Wallpaper we want to make the process as easy and pain free as possible. Our How To guide lets you choose a starting point in your window covering search to narrow down your options to exactly what you need. If that doesn’t help, start a live chat with one of our professional designers to answer all of your questions.

To get started, choose one of our options below based on what you need.
Shop By Room

Shop By Room

Shop By Room

The ideal window treatment will differ based on the room or space you are shopping for. Some rooms need privacy shades while others need moisture resistant blinds. If you have a specific room in mind but aren’t certain what you need, choose the room below to see what our experts recommend.

Bedroom Blinds & Shades
Living Room Blinds & Shades
Bathroom Blinds & Shades
Kitchen Blinds & Shades
Nursery Blinds & Shades
Outdoor Blinds & Shades

Shop by Feature/Purpose

Shop by Feature/Purpose

If you know a specific feature or purpose you need in blinds or shades but don’t know which ones will accomplish your goal, let us help. Choose one of the options below if you need child safe blinds, room darkening shades or something else specific.

Blackout/Room Darkening Blinds & Shades
Cordless/Child Safe Blinds & Shades
Insulating Blinds & Shades

Shop by Price

Shop by Price

If you need blinds, shades or shutters for your windows, but don’t want the high cost, choose one of the options below. Our discounted blinds, shades and shutters are designer quality and affordable.

Discount Window Blinds
Discount Window Shades
Discount Shutters

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