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Presidents Day Sale on Blinds!
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Bedrooms - Media Rooms - Sun Rooms - Childrens Rooms - 1st Choice
Cellular Shades

In these types of rooms usually the most important factors with respect to window treatments are privacy, room darkening and insulation.  If these are your concern then the perfect choice is Honey Comb Cellular Shades.  These shades offer a wide range of light filtering fabrics from allowing a lot of light into the room to making the room completely room darkening.  The fabrics come in single, double and triple cell material which provides incredible insulation in both the hot and cold months.  During hot months these shades keep the sun, heat and ultraviolet rays out and the cool air in and during the cold months they keep the cold air out and the heat inside your room. 


Honey Comb Cellular Shades are great to bring color into your room while maintaining a neutral uniform color to the outside of your home because the fabric that faces the outside is always the same neutral color while the fabric facing the inside ranges from neutral to vibrant colors.  The top down-bottom up feature is very popular with this type of shade particularly for bedrooms.  This feature allows you to lower the blind from the top of the window to allow natural light into the room but because the bottom of the shade stays in a lowered position it provides incredible privacy.


Bedrooms - Media Rooms - Sun Rooms - Childrens Rooms - 2nd Choice
Roman Shades

 Our second choice for bedrooms, media rooms, sun rooms, and childrens rooms are Roman Shades which combine the beauty of fabric window treatments with the easy operation of a shade. They offer the privacy, room darkening, and insulation that you usually need in these rooms. Available in a range of fabrics and colors to dress any window in any of these rooms. Choose from a flat fold where the fabric hangs straight once the shade is lowered or choose a hobbled fold for a tiered fabric look. Romans Shades offer a variety of features to upgrade a shade for example top down-bottom up is the most popular, this feature allows you to lower the blind from the top down to allow natural light into the room. Some collections offer a neutral liner to make the  room darkening shade great for these rooms.
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