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Free Cordless on Select Bali & Graber!
DUE TO HIGH DEMAND: Extended now through Wednesday 2/10/2016 - Free cordless upgrade available on select Bali and Graber blinds and shades. Plus, save up to 72% off plus up to an additional 20% off Bali and Graber.
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Levolor Mini Blinds

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Levolor Blinds and Shades
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Levolor Mini Blinds also known as venetian blinds are a classic and versatile solution for any window or door. Choose from the different aluminum slat sizes, including ½ inch, 1 inch and 2 inch and now also available in 2.5 inch horizontal vinyl blinds. Choose from the different types of aluminum strengths available based on the durability that you require. Levolor aluminum mini blinds are environmentally friendly, the premium slats are partially made from recycled aluminum. Total light control is achieved by eliminating route holes with Levolor's exclusive LightMaster option. Levolor mini blinds are safe with the cordless lift system which is easy to use and is safe for children and pets.
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