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Design Ideas From Wall Pops

The fun way to create your own personalized wall art! Mix and match shapes and colors, even cut shapes out of them.
Let your imagination run wild!
Plan your design: Even though Wall Pops are easy to rearrange, it may be useful to create a drawing of you wall design priot to arranging Wall Pops onto the wall. Be sure to make a list of the Wall Pops you'll need to complete your artwork...you'll want to have enough on hand!
Create your space: Test out the create-a-design page at www.wall-pops.com. This option lets you try out different designs with all the available Wall Pops color and designs. You can even print out your finished design for reference.
Tools: A pencil, yardstick, tape measure or level may help to ensure that your wall art is even and centered on the wall. These tools are especially helpful when affixing Wall Pops Stripes to a wall. Wall Pops can be cut with scissors or a utility knife to create any kind of shape or configuration you desire, i.e. leaves, smaller dots, stars...let your imagination run wild!
For best results, use on smooth, vertical surfaces.
The texture of the surface may affect how well the product sticks.
Dirt, dust, hand oils, moisture, age, etc. will affect the life of the adhesive.
Keep away from heat sources.
Do not apply to light fixtures. Not for use on candles.
Wall Pops special adhesive technology allows removal without residue, and is repositionable many times over.
1. Be sure your surface is clean, dry, and smooth.
2. Slowly peel Wall Pops from backing.
3. For best results, smooth shapes away from center outward...
and stripes from one end to the other.
4. To reposition, slowly peel away from the surface starting at the top of the Wall Pop. This process may be repeated multiple times without damaging your Wall Pops.
5. To store for later use, return WallPops to the original backing.
6. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use household cleaners or abrashives.
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