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Presidents Day Sale on Blinds!
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When you buy from Steve's you are guaranteed to never be surprised by any hidden fees such as manufacturer handling charges, order processing fees, shipping insurance fees, etc... Rest assured that the price you see is the price you are going to pay! There may be additional fees associated with duties and taxes for international orders.*
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Presidents Day Sale on Blinds!
Save up to 75% plus up to an additional 22% off all blinds and shades. Plus, get a free cordless upgrade on select brands and products. Now through Monday only.
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Try the FREE Blind Worksheets! Steve knows that choosing custom blinds, shades or shutters can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why he invented The Blinds Worksheets. The Blinds Worksheets help you organize your window covering projects by creating a space to record window measurements, compare name brands, styles and options and to quickly view pricing, so that you can get what you need fast!
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The EasyClean Duster is designed to SAVE us all TIME and MONEY because lets be honest here... cleaning is NOT fun! But having a clean home is so important for many reasons. Our Duster has the ability to clean everything in your home and you can re-use The EasyClean Duster over and over again. Say GOODBYE to those dusters you have to buy a new refill to use every time!

Not just for blinds! Clean Furniture, Moldings, Electronics & More!

Cleans any surface

Microfiber noodles

Dusting fingers





Wood, plastic, metal, glass, tile & more

Cling to dust for maximum cleaning

Spin for a 360 clean and removable for washing & reusing

Blinds, shutters, furniture, electronics, picture frames & light fixtures & more

Use 1, 2, or 3 dusting fingers to clean and size blinds and shutters

Clean dry or wet, use for tough or sticky jobs

Clean dry or wet, use for tough or sticky jobs

How to use the Easy Clean Duster

Need Assistance? Call us now: 1-800-548-5711, send us an email or click here to chat with a live representative!

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