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Free Cordless on Select Bali & Graber!
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RV Window Blinds & Shades

Update your recreational vehicle today...

The RV is your family’s home away from home. Adding RV window blinds provides privacy, light control, and style. Depending on the fabric you select, there are varying degrees of transparency, which also provides UV protection and temperature control. All the fabrics are fire retardant and meet Federal Motor Safety Standards. Steve’s RV shades are custom made and designed for your RV, motorhome, camper or boat.

Choose from a variety of shades like pleated shades, day night shades, and solar shades. Also available are Pleated Shade Windshield Wraps that eliminate the bulkiness of drapes and Pleated Shade Doors, a space-saving design ideal for room dividers, closets and privacy partitions. Ready to shop? Use the links below to browse through Steve’s RV window shade collections.

Steve's RV Blinds

RV Window Blinds Checklist

  • rv blindsCreates a sense of privacy
  • rv blindsSafe for your children and pets
  • rv blindsTemperature control
  • rv blindsReduces energy costs
  • rv blindsProtection from harmful UV sunrays
  • rv blindsAdds style and personality
  • rv blindsEasy to install and maintain

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Steve's Recommended Options...

The options listed below may not be available in all our RV products. Please shop all Steve’s RV Shades to view available options.



Easy to Measure...

Measuring and installation is a breeze with our help and advice. The first step in creating beautiful custom window treatments is recording accurate measurements.

How to measure RV Pleated Shades, RV Cellular Shades & RV Roman Shades

Please use these helpful guidelines to help ensure your window shades or blinds are a perfect fit. Measure width first, then length to nearest 1/8". Measure width from left to right and length from top to bottom. Measure carefully: shades are custom items and are not returnable.

Inside mount shades and blinds are installed inside the window casing.

  • Measure the exact inside width of the window casing from left to right inside edge.
  • Measure the exact inside length of the window casing from top to bottom inside edge.
  • Do NOT take any deductions. Allowances are made at the factory to ensure fit.


Outside mount shades and blinds are installed outside the window casing. The shade or blind will cover an area larger than the window itself.

  • Measure the exact width to be covered. Allow enough extra coverage to ensure proper light control and privacy.
  • Measure the exact length to be covered. Again, allow for proper coverage.
  • Factory will 1/2" to ensure proper coverage.


Shades should be kept in the closed or up position when not in use, to maintain pleat retention and minimize dirt and soil build-up. Do not store shades in the down position. This may cause some loss of pleat retention if the shades are not operated on a consistent basis.

Shades can be easily cared for by simply dusting or using a vacuum cleaner attachment. Do not use spot remover, household cleaners or detergents to remove soiled spots, as these may cause damage to fabric or loss of color from fading.

NOTE: If your recreational vehicle must be stored for an extended period of time, store shades in the up position and insert temporary material inside window frame (cutout cardboard).

Inside Mount Measuring

How to measure RV Roller Shades


  • Determine if the shade will be mounted inside the window opening (inside mount) or outside the window opening (outside mount). Refer to illustrations at right.



  • Record your measurements by listing the width measurement (side to side) first, then the length measurement (top to bottom). For example, a 24" wide by 36" long shade should be written like this: 24" x 36".
  • Recording your measurements correctly is a critical component in the ordering process. If the measurements are not in the correct sequence, the shade will not be built correctly.


If you decide on inside mount shades:

  • Measure the width dimension first (A).
  • Measure the length dimension next (B).
  • Measure again and record both dimesions: Width x Length.


If you decide on outside mount shades:

  • Measure the width dimension first (C).
    NOTE: Add 1-1/2" to your width dimension to allow mounting brackets to clear the window frame and give enough fabric width to cover the opening. C + 1-1/2"=___
  • Measure the length dimension next (D).
    NOTE: If the shade is going to sit above the window, be sure to measure starting where your shade will set above the window.


RV Roller Shade Measuring


  • Record both dimensions, width first then length. Measure again to confirm: Width x Length

    NOTE: On Slow Up (manual) roller shades, the fabric width is 1-1/4" less than the overall bracket-to-bracket width due to tension/position devices. on motorized roller shades, the fabric width is 1" less than the overall bracket- to-bracket width due to the motor control.

    We will manufacture your window covering to exactly the size you order. Make sure you measure everything correctly, so the entire window area is covered and allowances are made to assure a custom fit.


Find more information on measuring for RV roller shade cab area.

Find more information on measuring for RV Pleated Folding Doors.

Find more information on measuring RV Pleated Windshield Wrap.

We will manufacture your window covering to exactly the size you order. Make sure you measure everything correctly, so the entire window area is covered and allowances are made to assure a custom fit. After measuring your windows, call or log on for pricing. Find more information on how to measure your windows for your new window blinds or window shades. After you have ordered your new custom blinds, they will arrive at your home and you will notice that included are easy to follow installation instructions, along with brackets, and any additional hardware that you will need.

If at any time you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact our customer service department by calling: 1(800)548-6008, send us an email, or conveniently chat with a live representative. You can always take the guess work out measuring and installation by using our locator service to find a pre-screened and authorized professional contractor in your area, click here to learn more.

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