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Lewis Hyman (In-Stock) Woven Wood Shades - Woodplank Roman 72 Height

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This strong, rustic, beautiful bamboo shade casts a natural elegance that opens up endless décor possibilities anywhere you place it. Created from bamboo slats brought together with a deep brown weave cord, it provides the complete privacy you desire. Designed to gently fold into the classic Roman shade design, this shade brings nature’s beauty into your home.
6" built-in valance completes the elegance of this lush shade. Light filtering provides privacy and energy-efficient insulation qualities.
Easily installed in minutes with all necessary hardware included. Made of hand selected bamboo. Each shade measures 1/2" less in width to allow for inside mount installation.

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Color for Maple In-Stock Woven Wood Shades from Lewis Hyman (In-Stock)

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Valance for Maple In-Stock Woven Wood Shades from Lewis Hyman (In-Stock) More information

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