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Insulating Cellular Shade - Odysee

Description: Odysee combines the energy efficient performance of cellular shades with the variable light control of traditional wood blinds. The revolutionary vanes expand into soft honeycomb cells which insulate windows from drafts, offer complete privacy, conceal lift cords and are white to the exterior. The compressed fabric vanes provide an open view through and stack neatly at the head rail when raised. Odysee light control is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Available in light filtering and room darkening options, Odysee blinds are a versatile choice for any setting. The dynamic, color matched Odysee hardware system allows for precise vane positioning with the easy-to-use continuous pull cord. Open or close the blind. Expand or compress the vanes. Adjust the vanes to any point in between, according to the changing light or your changing moods. Odysee leaves the look entirely up to you..

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