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Vertical Blinds in Taupe, Taupe Vertical Blinds

Description: Colors that are part of Express 1 Day Production or Free* SBBR1004 Brighton, Beige SBBR1001 Brighton, BuckskinSBBR1003 Brighton, GlademistSBBR1008 Brighton, GraySBBR1002 Brighton, Polar WhiteSBCO1050 Corly, Brite White SBCO1057 Corly, Gray SBCO1051 Corly, Off White SBCO1054 Corly, Sand SBCO1055 Corly, Wheat SBKE1002 Keona, Beige SBKE1000 Keona, Brite WhiteSBKE1001 Keona, Off WhiteSBKE1003 Keona, SandSBPL1003 Parchment, Beige SBPL1005 Parchment, BuckskinSBPL1002 Parchment, GlademistSBPD1002 Penland, Beige SBPD1000 Penland, Brite WhiteSBPD1001 Penland, GlademistSBPN1000 Pinnacle, Brite WhiteSBPN1001 Pinnacle, Off WhiteSBPN1004 Pinnacle, Sand SBPN1007 Pinnacle, TaupeSBPN1005 Pinnacle, WheatSBSV1003 Savannah, Chalk WhiteSBSV1004 Savannah, Goldtone SBSV1002 Savannah, Off WhiteSBSV1001 Savannah, Sandstone BeigeSBSM1003 Somerset, Chalk WhiteSBSM1010 Somerset, Hazelnut SBSM1002 Somerset, Off WhiteSBSM1001 Somerset, Sandstone BeigeSBRU1004 Rustic Wood, BuffSBRU1007 Rustic Wood, ChestnutSBRU1008 Rustic Wood, MahoganySBRU1006 Rustic Wood, TeakSBRU1000 Rustic Wood, White*Express production only applies if any of the above colors are chosen and if the Express 1 Day Production or Free option is changed to "Yes" .

Description: Offers the feel of real fabric with the durability of a laminated backing..

Description: Non Woven Polyster Fabric - cellular fabric is a non woven polyster. Easy Cleaning: durable, washable, dust resistant, will not fray or fade.   Pleat retention: Your shade retains its beautiful look. White to the outside: For a neutral streetside appearance.   Stacking options: Four available stacking options to suit your personal style. The hardware and components are always white..

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