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Roller Solar/Screen Shade Openness Guide

Roller Solar Shades, also referred to as "Screen Shades" are designed to block UV sun rays which can be harmful to your indoor furniture and decor. The term "openness" refers to the amount you are able to see through the shade and is available in different percentages. A larger percentage will provide more transparency while a smaller percentage of openness will create a more opaque screen. Roller Solar/Screen Shades are available with a classic spring roller system or, on certain collections, an easy to use clutch roller controlled by a continuous cord loop, both providing smooth and easy operation. Available in numerous color choices, solar/screen shades are a stylish, functional and economical window treatment option. Please see below for an illustration of screen openness, click on your desired openness percentage to go to the corresponding Steve’s Exclusive Collection solar screen shades:

1 Percent Openness3 Percent Openness5 Percent Openness7 Percent Openness10 Percent Openness14 Percent Openness

Please note that the time of day combined with the openness percentage and color of the fabric will affect the visibility, opacity and privacy level of the shade. For instance, the higher the openness percentage along with the greater the light source, the less privacy you will have. If added privacy is required we suggest choosing a lower openness percentage. Another great option for additional privacy is a "Dual Shade" which allows for two roller shades with different opacities to be installed in one window opening. Roller Solar/Screen Shades are available from many of our top name brands like: Bali, Good Housekeeping, Phifer, Graber, Comfortex and M & B. Need more assistance? Steve’s team of knowledgeable customer service experts will answer all of your questions. Just call: (800) 548-5711, send us an email with your inquiry, or visit us online or use the handy online chat feature.

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