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Measuring & Installation

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need?

All wallpaper is priced in single roll (s/r) quantities and in most cases it can only be ordered in double roll quantities. There are a limited number of patterns that must be ordered in triple rolls. A single roll of wallpaper will cover approximately 28 square feet (double roll will cover approximately 56 square feet).With all wallpaper projects because of cutting and trimming there tends to be some waste so to play it safe you should count on a single roll of wallpaper covering 25 square feet (double roll 50 square feet). If you are confused get the assistance of a local professional wallpaper hanger (kick back and let a pro take care of everything. It's not nearly as expensive as you might think). See our local Wallpaper Hanger Referral Service.

The other important factor in considering how much wallpaper you will need is the size of the pattern repeat of the particular wallpaper you select. Follow these easy measuring steps to determine how much wallpaper you will need.

  1. Measure the width of each wall where you would like to apply the wallpaper and add them all together ("Combined Width")
  2. Measure the height of the walls
  3. Multiply the Combined Width by the height of the walls – this is the total square footage ("TSF") of wall space you need to cover with wallpaper.
  4. The final step is to factor in the pattern repeat. If the pattern repeat is 18" or less then divide the TSF by 23, if pattern repeat is 19" to 25" then divide the TSF by 20. This final number is the total number of single rolls of wallcovering that is required for your project. If the pattern does not have a repeat (random match) then just use the TSF from step 3 above.

The Pattern Repeat Effect

A pattern repeat is how frequently a shape or image appears in a strip of wallpaper. To create a seamless effect each strip of wallpaper needs to be lined up with the pattern repeat of the previous strip. The bigger the repeat the more waste and the need for more wallpaper. The smaller the repeat the less waste and the less wallpaper you need. So a pattern repeat of 18" means that you will see the image every 18" in a strip of wallpaper. A Random Match means there is no pattern repeat which means there will be very little waste and is easier to hang than wallpaper with a repeat.

Wallpaper Estimator

based on 28 sq ft per single rolls
18" or less pattern repeat or random match
Total Square Footage to Cover# of Single rolls Required # of Double rolls Required
up to 50 sq ft 2 single rolls 1 double rolls
50 to 100 sq ft 4 single rolls 2 double rolls
101 to 150 sq ft 6 single rolls 3 double rolls
151 to 200 sq ft 8 single rolls 4 double rolls
201 to 250 sq ft 10 single rolls 5 double rolls
251 to 300 sq ft 12 single rolls 6 double rolls
301 to 350 sq ft 14 single rolls 7 double rolls
351 to 400 sq ft 16 single rolls 8 double rolls
401 to 450 sq ft 18 single rolls 9 double rolls
451 to 500 sq ft 20 single rolls 10 double rolls
501 to 550 sq ft 22 single rolls 11 double rolls
551 to 600 sq ft 24 single rolls 12 double rolls

Steve's Tip

You always want to order a little too much instead of not enough. The last thing you want is to run out of wallpaper and have to reorder since it is difficult at times to get the same run and dye lot numbers. To keep things simple and to ensure you have enough paper do not make any deductions for windows, doors, cabinets, etc…If you are confused get the assistance of a local professional wallpaper hanger (kick back and let a pro take care of everything. It's not nearly as expensive as you might think).See our local Wallpaper Hanger Referral Service.

What's the Story with Border?

The majority of border is packaged and sold in 15 foot spools as a single unit. Occasionally some manufacturers will sell borders by the lineal yard and they will be packaged in 5 yard spools (3 feet to a yard so 15 foot spools).

To determine how much border you project requires measure the width of each wall where you are going to hang the border. Add them all together and you now have the total number of lineal feet of border your project will require. Divide this number by the amount of border in a spool which will be identified on the product detail page of the border that you are interested in. The vast majority of border on our site is sold in 15 foot increments. The following is a conversion table for border that is sold by the yard.

  • 5 yard bolt = 15'
  • 5.5 yard bolt = 16' 6"
  • 11 yard bolt = 33'
  • 1 yard bolt = 3'

Some border comes in a mural size and they are sold by the unit. Typically they are 12' feet long.

Do You Have Problem Walls? Wall Liner is the Solution!

Wall Liner works like magic for problem walls! It is recommended for lining over plaster, cement block, paneling, and cracked walls. It provides a smooth base that you can then wallpaper over. It is much easier and less costly then to try and repair damaged walls. It is easy to hang and comes in both un-pasted and pre-pasted. See our wall liner.

Scheduling a Wallpaper Hanger

If you are ordering multiple wallpaper patterns you should wait to make arrangements with your wallpaper hanger until you have received your entire order. You should also wait to begin hanging your wallpaper until you receive your entire order. Our wallpaper ships directly from the manufacturer to you and when ordering multiple patterns it may arrive in different packages at different times. Take the hassle out of wallpapering and get the assistance of a local professional wallpaper hanger (kick back and let a pro take care of everything. It's not nearly as expensive as you might think). See our local Wallpaper Hanger Referral Service.

Installing Wallpaper

Pre-pasted Wallpaper

  • Wallcovering water tray
  • Smoothing brush to smooth paper
  • Wallcovering seam roller
  • Cutting Tool (razor blade, snap blade or scissors)
  • Large surface to unroll paper
  • Screwdriver to remove outlet covers, take down blinds or curtain rods
  • Sponge, clean up cloths
  • Stepladder/step stool

Wallpaper Requiring Paste

  • All items required for Pre-pasted Wallpaper
  • Paste that is recommended for the wallpaper

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions & Helpful Hints

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